Rental Model LP24


Monthly rental fee for 2-person system is 4.800,- Euro + VAT

Mobile wind tunnel with 240 km/h

The only freefall simulator in the world that keeps its promise!
In the field of air power, 240 km/h airflow is heading towards the sky! In the mobile wind tunnel, participants experience the unique feeling of flying freely. A trainer, an airbag and a net provide the necessary safety above the roaring engine. For real high-altitude flights, experts first used the wind tunnel, with parachutists always training in the "stable X position", named after the same gliding stance.

Experience the zero-gravity environment at Lisepro Arena
Bring this loud act to your event – attendees and audience alike will appreciate it. With the wind tunnel, participants experience the unique feeling of floating freely like birds, just like a parachutist, on a strong air current of 240 km/h.

The system is ten meters high and thirteen meters in diameter. Because we attach great importance to safety, there are protective devices such as airbags and nets, as well as an instructor who trains each participant individually and supervises them while flying. The system is also subject to regular TÜV inspections.

Model LP24


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Technical and organizational descriptions

Space requirement: diameter 13m, height 10m
sound: 55 - 70 db (A)
Module weight: 11,000 K
Inspection: 4 teams
Action time: 6 hours per day
Installation / disassembly time: 5 - 7 hours
Recommended minimum age: 7 years
Maximum weight: 130 kg
Maximum size: 2.15m
TÜV certification: TÜV certification and construction manual available!
Additional information: Flat surface, branches / lampposts etc. does not contain. With 2 7.5 ton trucks
Optional: module moderation and moderation system, including hourly draw of participants (= no queues).
Module branding 1: Banner on all sides of outer shell, L: 42.6m x H: 3m
Module marking 2: Banners on webs, inside and outside 1 to 8 pieces each á max. L: 2.50m x H: 0.80m
Module marking 3: Patched flight suits, chest 0.4m x 0.4m / rear 0.5m x 0.5m
Module marking 4: New production of airbags possible with complete marking

billy joel
billy joelArtist
billy joel
billy joelArtist
Hello, my name is Billy and I am 28 years old. I have been working with the company LISEPRO since I was 16. Thanks to the highly qualified technology and excellent safety systems, I am now an internationally recognized art flyer

Our FLIGHT team

Zanco Franad
Zanco Franad Artist
Zanco Franad
Zanco Franad Artist
Hello, my name is Zanco and I am 31 years old. I am the main actor and plan all the choreographies

Noelle silva
Noelle silvaArtist
Noelle silva
Noelle silvaArtist
Hello, my name is Noelle and I am 30 years old, I am usually a jazz dancer and I have been with the LISEPRO company for 5 years. My previous job as a dancer helped me a lot to become a professional in a short time

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