us system for shopping mall

With LISEPRO, you will find the magic formula for your shopping center to generate revenue through more customers. With the most compact indoor flight solution that makes you more competitive, customer loyalty will increase as well as the number of your visitors, thanks to various marketing and advertising initiatives. Now you can fly with us and add joy and excitement to your shopping mall.

Projected visualization and photographs from the vertical wind tunnel installation process inside a shopping mall building.

All equipment is collected inside the tunnel, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. This allows everyone to enjoy easier flying and zero-gravity experience. Additionally, using this model, you can create reward programs that will help your customers increase the number of visitors to your shopping mall. It is a system we produced to bring the fun and excitement of flying to your visitors.

The EI model belongs to the recirculation type of vertical wind tunnels (recognized by the abbreviation I). At the top of the tunnel are fans to draw air from inside the flight chamber and push it to the sides, creating an air loop. The air returns to the bottom before being blown up in the flight chamber through an intake contractor. Such wind tunnels are independent of weather conditions and can be operated all year round.

There is a long-standing belief that indoor tunnels are much quieter than their outdoor competitors and have a significantly lower noise level. This was indeed the case until Lisepro introduced in 2018 a new generation of open air tunnels (abbreviation M) with a significant reduction in noise level. However, if you have the space and want to build a tunnel in a permanent location, AM is still the better choice.

EASY INTEGRATION in existing buildings

Using existing construction sites is a great advantage as it makes the implementation of the project much easier, both in terms of time and money. Fundamental studies are definitely needed. In conclusion, it can be said that the construction of this type of wind tunnel roughly corresponds to a case of building overhaul in a limited area of less than 100 square meters.

Shopping malls, entertainment facilities, etc.

Due to the fundamental shift in consumer shopping behavior, savvy developers know that to attract new customers, a mall needs an experience-driven environment to increase sales in stores.

“ Business Owners Are Looking for Resources to Generate Intangible Gains”, a study states.

Don't invest in the wrong resource only to watch your investment go to waste! Bring the "abowww" factor to your mall with an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Model EI wind tunnel is a really safe way to get a taste of parachuting and experience the feeling of free falling. It's fascinating not only to try, but also to watch.

It was also found that it not only attracts new customers to the shopping centre, but also more new tenants.

Recognizing the challenges faced by shopping malls, Lisepro developed a wind tunnel that is affordable and easy to install. Its operational costs are low and it provides a memorable and safe customer experience in its basic design.

Developed for private shopping malls and  EASY INTERNAL INTEGRATION

The EI model is perfect for integration into shopping malls or similar buildings with a ceiling height of at least 12 meters. It is the first vertical glass tunnel that can be fully integrated inside a shopping mall. It is designed and manufactured individually for new shopping center projects or installed in already completed buildings. Thanks to this innovative solution, it is possible to introduce a large object into an existing area after the work on the shopping center project has started and all the main building construction is already in place.

If the ceiling is high enough, choose the right spot with the most spectacular view and ensure electricity supply, because the EI model is the first plug-and-fly wind tunnel! With an area of only 8.2×12m/, the EI is the most compact circulation tunnel on the market. The technology is completely independent; Therefore, the tunnel is easy to install in an existing building with minimal civil works.


Zero construction works

Minimum space requirement

Fast installation time

Lower structure weight

All structural elements included

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