We have implemented a number of advanced solutions to ensure a comfortable and safe flight.

The “floor” of the flight chamber is made of steel safety mesh with special design flexibility and adjustable connections.

The perfectly round glass pane ensures an even airflow without turbulence, unlike polygonal panes with corners that reduce airflow.

Thick glass with special sound-absorbing layers makes it possible to observe flights at close range without earplugs and speak at a normal volume

Total height 24 m

Glass height 8 m

Minimum diameter 4.3 m

Our technical and engineering capabilities allow us to design and implement any wind tunnel within these specifications according to your requirements.



Our round glass panels are specifically designed to operate in zero and zero pressure conditions. Manufactured through a unique chemical hardening process, the distortion-free faceplates allow viewers and users to see through glass without blind areas or visual interruptions: the experience is almost like flying without glass. The quality of the photos and videos captured from the glass used in the LISEPRO® tunnel will be very clear. The stage area also features floor-to-ceiling glass panels, allowing unobstructed views for faculty and those waiting to take their turn.


Axial fans, like all others, are the heart of Lisepro machines.

With over 18 years of experience in aerodynamic research and production, Lisepro produces truly state-of-the-art drivers exclusively for its own systems.

Thanks to their particularly large diameter and low speed, our fans offer excellent airflow quality with minimal noise and vibration.

Equipped with carbon fiber blades and powered by branded electric motors, these fans are the most reliable wind machines on the market with an expected lifespan of more than 30 years.

With every fan:

Various diagnostic sensors and controls for vibration, temperature, oil level and static and dynamic pressure

- An automatic lubrication system

- A set of anti-vibration mounts

- A single frequency converter


Just as any extraordinary sailboat is built around a perfectly streamlined shape, the efficiency of a wind tunnel relies on aerodynamic lines honed to direct the unobstructed flow of air from the engines into the flight chamber and back. For this simple but challenging task, we used top technology proven through decades of designing and building racing powerboats.

Manufactured with the highest precision, our GRP composite air ducts guarantee seamless transitions between separate parts of the tunnel. Unlike GRP air ducts made of metal and concrete:

Provide a more precise shape and eliminate near-wall turbulence, the main cause of noise and vibration emissions. Move wind tunnels to more challenging locations (like shopping malls or nearby residential areas).

The sandwich structure absorbs sound waves rather than transmitting them through the loop, preventing the uncontrolled resonance peaks common in traditional air ducts, making flying comfortable and safe for children and workers.

It significantly reduces operating costs and cooling costs by improving the overall aerodynamic design and therefore the energy efficiency of the tunnel.

Outlet Ring

Annular ring will be used to match the air pressure inside the tunnel to the outside to make the tunnel work under zero pressure conditions. Air flows symmetrically into and out of the tunnel without disturbing the main air flow of the tunnel. The duct ring allows the inlet air to be treated and controlled as required (these may include a filter system, a cooling system or a partial or full flow block if required

Lisepro LP4.3 çıkış halkası


The inlet geometry is optimized to
ensure the smooth passage of air from four circular ducts to one large duct. The inlet geometry is optimized to ensure the smooth passage of air from four circular ducts to one large duct. This reduces operational costs and increases overall efficiency.

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Specially Designed Guidance Wings

Guider blades are the cornerstone of wind tunnel efficiency. Classic NASA studies; shows that energy losses of up to 30% in a tunnel can occur due to poor guide vane design, insufficient frequency and incorrect installation when installing the vanes. Most importantly, directional blade design can both induce and degrade turbulence, significantly affecting airflow quality.

Lisepro Direction blades are made from extruded aerospace grade aluminum and are calibrated to micrometer precision. The unique X-Large profile of our own design ensures an efficient change of direction without interrupting the airflow, while the reduced distance in the directional blades affects the honeycomb evenly and compensates for the slightest differences in airflow.

Active Cooling System

The Lisepro cooling system is based on uniform airflow cooling through rotating blades. Unlike other wind tunnel technologies, the coolant in our tunnels is fed directly from the central HVAC systems to the hollow rotary fins that act as heat exchangers. This approach eliminates the turbulence that occurs when cooled air is injected into the airstream using traditional systems.

Wind tunnels with cooling systems can be operated in extreme climates and are practically inaudible from the outside. As a result, the system can be placed in the immediate vicinity of residential areas or other areas where external noise emissions are not desired.

Extra Options

BASE jumping room

The BASE chamber is located at the top of a wind tunnel and is an essential tool for professional skydiving and military training. Technically, it's another entrance to the flight chamber that allows you to practice a controlled aircraft exit. Due to the fact that the wind speed at the door is reduced by a factor of two, TunnelTech's BASE chamber is the only chamber suitable for training with a stabilizing parachute, significantly increasing the safety of such training. On request, the base room can be decorated with an aircraft interior and equipped with a comprehensive set of automation and security systems.

A high room connected to the flying area will provide the experience of jumping into the airstream just like from a real airplane. The room's design and operating procedures are planned and constructed to maintain safety as our highest priority.

Honeycomb Structure

Honecomb is a cellular metal structure that smoothes out the slightest irregularities in the flow, creating a practically turbulent air flow. This function produces the highest uniformity of airflow, similar to real skydiving. For the application in our tunnels, we use honeycombs made in Japan of the highest quality aviation grade.

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Bad Weather Simulation

For military purposes and comprehensive psychological training, Lisepro's wind tunnels can be equipped with a storm simulation system that brings heavy rain, poor visibility, humidity and lightning strikes into the flight chamber. Combined with an advanced cooling system and a BASE chamber-mounted airframe, these systems prepare military personnel for the worst possible combat situation imaginable.



Total project costs depend on several factors, including the tunnel model, the value of the real estate, and the type of construction (standalone or integrated into a larger project such as a shopping center). We usually see projects coming together in the €1.2 - €10M range; Some will be technology costs, some will be construction.

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