Skydiving Clothing LP38-C

It is a trademark of LisePro Ltd. We have been producing wind tunnels as well as parachute suits and wind tunnel suits in Berlin for over 25 years - individual designs and custom-made products for hobby, competition and military use.
We also operate a professional skydiving center with various aviation companies throughout Europe. The experience gained in daily skip operations is transferred directly to the development and perfection of our products. Many years of close collaboration with world-class race jumpers serves to continually further develop competition-focused clothing .
We produce custom-made quality products for sports recording, TV production and military applications. Our offer also includes tandem handicap systems. We are Germany's and Turkey's largest and most experienced skydiving systems and clothing manufacturer and among the most innovative developers in this field. Sales are made on-site or through our dealers.
We write customer service in a CAPITAL ! We support you with measuring, material selection, design and offer an extensive dealer network in Germany and/or Turkey, which we are always happy to expand: If you are interested, please contact us.
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